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            The role of the intercooler

            The role of the intercooler is to reduce the intake air temperature of the engine. So why reduce the intake air temperature?

             (1) The temperature of the exhaust gas discharged from the engine is very high, and the heat transfer through the supercharger increases the temperature of the intake air. Moreover, the density of the air increases during compression, and also causes the temperature of the air discharged from the supercharger to rise, as the air pressure increases, but the oxygen density decreases, thereby affecting the effective charging efficiency of the engine. If you want to further improve the charging efficiency, you should lower the intake air temperature. Data shows that under the same air-fuel ratio conditions, the engine power can be increased by 3% to 5% for every 10 °C drop in charge air temperature.

             (2) If the uncooled charge air enters the combustion chamber, it will affect the engine's charging efficiency, and it will easily lead to excessive engine combustion temperature, causing knocking and other faults, and increase the NOx content in the engine exhaust. , causing air pollution. In order to solve the adverse effects caused by the warmed air temperature, it is necessary to install an intercooler to reduce the intake air temperature.

             (3) Reduce engine fuel consumption.

             (4) Improve the adaptability to altitude. At high altitudes, medium-cooled compressors with high-pressure ratios can be used, which gives the engine high power and improves the adaptability of the car.

             (5) Improve supercharger matching and adaptability.

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